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Dr Ndapewa Messias is a specialist dermatologist practicing in Ondangwa, in Oshana region, in the northern part of Namibia. Dr Messias graduated from the College of Medicine of South Africa in the fellowship of Dermatology in October 2022, and obtained her Masters of Medicine in Dermatology at Stellenbosch University. 

She received her undergraduate medical degree from the University of Pretoria in November 2012. In December of 2014, Dr Messias completed her internship at the Katutura Intermediate / Windhoek Central Hospital complex. After internship, she worked as a general practitioner at the Windhoek Central Hospital ICU, and later at the Intermediate Hospital of Oshakati, in ICU. After 3 years as a general practitioner, she went for a four year full-time training in Dermatology at Tygerberg Hospital, in Cape Town South Africa.

Dr Messias is an exceptional clinician and has set herself apart as an empathetic dermatologist. She has a keen ability to see beyond the disease and treat the person as a whole. She communicates with patients in a way that allows clear and meaningful engagements. Her character is one that embodies leadership, calm, hard work and the rare ability to bring different skills sets together and have them work together toward a greater good.

She is very passionate about dermatology. She believes a healthy skin greatly improves one’s quality of life, self esteem and confidence. Dr Messias is especially passionate about people with Albinism, and feels strongly about educating them about their skin and how to best take care of it. Combating myths around this minority group is close to her heart.